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Our Story

Dr. Sheetal and Dr. Elvin welcome you to our practice.
The doctors are a husband and wife team with 33 years of experience between them.

After High School, Dr. Elvin went to America to study Computer Information Systems. Soon after he was accepted to dental school in India where he qualified in Dentistry in 2000. He returned to Zimbabwe within the year where he proceeded to work for the government of Zimbabwe as a senior government dental officer in the province of Masvingo. In 2009, Dr. Elvin completed his diploma in Implantology at the University of Western Cape.

Dr. Elvin started his private practice in the town of Masvingo in 2003, along side his late mother

Dr. Shireen R Bhaskar and late father Dr. IR Bhaskar.
Coming from a family of doctors, he has a very sound understanding of oral health factoring in medical systemic conditions linked to oral health problems.

Together the doctors ran three dental practices in Masvingo, Triangle and Harare.

Dr. Sheetal qualified at the University of Pretoria in South Africa in 2009. Upon returning home, she worked in a private dental practice in Harare, after marrying Dr. Elvin in 2010 she joined him in Masvingo but continued serving her patients in Harare.

In 2014, Dr. Elvin left for America to pursue his career in Orthodontics. He was away for two and a half years in this full time specialty program while Dr. Sheetal stayed back in Zimbabwe and continued to run the dental practices.

Dr. Sheetal continued her studies and completed her diploma in pediatric dentistry at the University of Pretoria in 2017.

In 2017, the doctors opened up their private practice residing at 47 Churchill Avenue, Alexandra Park, Harare. Armed with the expertise gained through all their additional training, they now offer a multidisciplinary, comprehensive treatment approach in their practice to provide long lasting solutions.